About Us

How it All Began

Our story begins near LSU, where our founders J.P. Ngo and Trent Fresina first met while working at the same bar.  Eventually, the two went their separate ways, spending years as mere acquaintances before reconnecting through a mutual friend and discovering their shared dream of owning a restaurant and bar. Between their common goals, the balance between their skills, and the ease of their friendship, a partnership made perfect sense, and the wheels soon began to turn.

The Early Days

In 2010, Trent and J.P. invested in a small location of just over 1,000 square feet at 201 East Thomas in Hammond, LA.  This was to be the first home of Our Mom’s Restaurant and Bar.  Between the two of them, their friends, and their families, they renovated the space, spending countless hours on demolition and piecing together the necessities to make the venture run.

When they opened, the new business owners had their hands full.  Not only were they overseeing operations, they were working in the kitchen or tending the bar and register – whatever it took to keep things moving forward.  Before long, the small bar was packed with regulars, lunch lines wound their way out the door, and it was clear that both the crew and the building would soon need to expand.

In a year’s time, we moved our Hammond location to 111 East Morris (and relocated again in 2018 to 205 East Thomas).  Three years later, we made our way to Baton Rouge as well, with a space on Burbank, not far from where our founders first met. 

Looking to the Future

Over the years, Trent and J.P.’s initial vision has remained a focus.  And, while we’ve evolved and have made a few changes like dropping the “Y” to become Our Mom’s, the mission remains the same: Provide sizeable portions of delicious, fresh-made food at an affordable price and always put the best interests of our customers and employees ahead of our own.  We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve our wonderful communities, and we want every Our Mom’s experience to be the best possible. 

Thank you for your support, and here’s looking forward to the next great chapter!