Our Mom’s Restaurant & Bar: Losing the Y but Gaining Even More

For those who are already patrons of the Hammond and Baton Rouge locations of Our Mom’s Restaurant & Bar, we would first like to thank you for your business and support.  Without you, there would be no us, and we cannot express our gratitude deeply enough.  Secondly, we would like to fill you in on some recent changes within our establishment, and what these changes do, and most importantly, do not mean.

By now, you have likely noticed that we have dropped the “Y” from our name, transforming from Your Mom’s to Our Mom’s.  This change may seem abrupt with the new name and logo seemingly popping up overnight.  However, this update is one that has been a long time in the making. 

When our first location opened in Hammond in 2010, it could best be described as a warm, friendly, hole-in-the-wall establishment.  It started out with a small, close-knit group of regulars who felt more like family and quickly grew.  Eventually, the business expanded to larger locations and even new cities with the 2015 opening in Baton Rouge.  Thankfully, throughout the years, we have been blessed with not only loyal customers from our early days, but also with an ever-expanding clientele who have accepted us with open arms along each stage of our journey.

However, the larger our customer family has grown, the less fitting the original name seemed to be.  We never considered a drastic change.  After all, our focus has always been to offer affordable, high-quality food in a comfortable atmosphere just like Mom’s, but we felt that there was some way to make it feel more inclusive and representative our large and growing client base.  When the idea to simply drop the “Y” and become known as Our Mom’s Restaurant & Bar was presented, we knew we had found our solution: a name that was inclusive of all and made our establishment feel like the family it truly is.

So, what other changes can you expect from Our Mom’s?  With the exception of an occasional menu or address change, the answer is none.  Ownership and management remain the same, and patrons will still be met with friendly, smiling faces as they peruse a menu of delicious food and creative cocktails at the best possible prices.  From the beginning, our founders’ had a vision of quality and affordability, giving customers the same treatment they would give a brother, mother, uncle, or friend, and that is something that will never change, no matter the name.  As long as our doors are open, we will always strive to treat your family like OUR family.